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Remarkable voice, high skills, talented, incredible guitarist,
Amazing DJ, great songwriter, Perfect hot looking, sexy accent,
guy with humorous, so hyper person, funny and idiot, a lover, good caring friend, and terrible terrible dancer.
It’s Tom Parker ♡

Happy birthday Thomas (Aug 4, 1988) ♡♡♡

I loved these gifs so much and I wanted to share them with you in his birthday, most of them from gifs hunt.

None of the gifs were made by me.
( different sources & owners )
If you’d like credit , just let me know.
* With my sincere respect to the original makers *





This version of Gold Forever is beautiful due to the outstanding harmonies performed by the guys. I used to like One Direction and The Wanted equally, but as of recently I’ve grown to appreciate The Wanted more because vocally they are on a completely different level. One Direction have great voices but The Wanted have this ability to make their voices blend perfectly, that One Direction just hasn’t mastered yet. This rendition of the song also made me love Siva even more than I did before. Just listen to him at the end! I don’t think I’ve ever heard that much power in his voice.

(Just to clarify, this isn’t an attack against One Direction. I’m a huge fan of them as well…excluding Louis…cuz he’s an arrogant little prick…)

This is absolutely beautiful. I still have goosebumps.

I had to hear this again. You cannot click play and tell me they don’t have talent, that they don’t care, or that they aren’t passionate. This is the most beautiful version I have ever heard and I will never ever stop listening to it. x

Literally chills

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